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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I Love My iPhone

For starters I don't LOVE my iPhone. I almost love my iPhone. It's old and it's giving me problems, because it's OLD. What I need is the new iPhone 4.

But this phone, the one that has served me well for so many years, has so many features, I can't believe that so much can go into a tiny phone. I grew up during a time when people had wall phones.

WALL PHONES. Do you even know what wall phones are? They are phones affixed to the wall with cords. The cords on our phones allowed us to walk a distance of about only 4 feet from the wall (though my sisters and I stretched it so it would go into our bedroom to get some privacy).

If anybody had told me that I could play Sudoku ON MY PHONE, write notes ON MY PHONE, listen to music ON MY PHONE, take photos with the camera ON..., well, you get the picture (pun intended), I wouldn't have believed them.

I can find out the weather in San Diego, Chicago, New York, anywhere, so I use it, because it helps with travel. I can download applications for myself and for my grandkids, I can watch YouTube, set my alarm, check out local maps, use my phone as a GPS, surf the web, read and respond to email ON MY PHONE.

So do I sound greedy for wanting the new iPhone 4? Of course not, but I do want a new iPhone 4! (Oh, and so many other things!)

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