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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush Review

The Infinity Pro Conair 2 in. (50.8 mm) Spin Air Brush seemed promising – but unbelievable. I had been the victim of numerous hair-stuck-in-brush episodes, so I couldn't imagine that this spin air brush could possibly work.

And for so many reasons:

1) The texture of my hair changed dramatically after chemo destroyed it. After my hair grew back in, it felt – and looked – like straw. It was also erratically wavy, curly, or kinky.

2) I have NO dexterity when it comes to manipulating my fingers around ANY type of hair styling implement.

3) I don't believe in hype.

4) The Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush is expensive.

The $60 price was enough to detract me from even trying it, but because I was so uncomfortable with the way my hair looked, I searched online for reviews from other people. Due to so many glowing reviews, I decided that if the price went down – significantly – I would try it.

Then one day several months later, I saw the Infinity Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush at Walgreens for $34! I brought it home and tried it.

And IT WORKED! It worked so well, in fact, that my previously kinky, all-over-the-place hair looked smooth and silky. It worked so well, my hair GLIDED through the brush. It worked so well, I didn't need to be dexterous – the Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush did all the work FOR me.

I know the highest number of stars reviewers give a product is 5, but if I could give this one a 10, I would. Its ease of use and its results are as amazing as the makers of the Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush purport them to be.

If you have been considering purchasing the Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush or any product, read as many reviews as you can to help you determine whether or not to buy the product. The Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush is one purchase I'm glad I made. 

If you have VERY long hair, the makers of the Infinity Pro Conair Spin Air Brush recommend drying your hair first with another hair dryer.