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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review of Tyson Buffalo Style Seasoned Wings, Meijer's Wings, and Walmart's Wings

If anything could turn me into a vegetarian, it's Tyson Buffalo Style Seasoned Wings. I have always been a lover of BBQ wings and mildly hot wings, but I will no longer purchase Tyson Buffalo Style Seasoned Wings or Tyson's BBQ wings or Meijer's wings or Walmart's wings. I'll have to get my wing fix at Beef 'O' Brady's or Buffalo Wild Wings, where the wings are lean, meaty, and tasty.

Somewhere along the line Tyson, Meijer, Walmart, and some other manufacturers of bagged wings have decided that fat chickens are what consumers want to eat. Tyson's, Meijer's, and Walmart's bagged chicken comes with a layer of fat between the skin and the meat that measures about half an inch thick. GAG!

Tyson, Meijer, and Walmart, listen up: IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FAT! Fattening a chicken does nothing to increase the protein level in a chicken. Nothing is more disgusting than to bite into a wing and find your teeth sinking into several layers of fat. Wings are supposed to be lean! They used to taste good!

Tyson, Meijer, Walmart – you and other companies that fatten your chickens have made those chickens disgusting. You are also contributing to America's problem with weight. Until you raise normal healthy chickens with no hormone injections and no fattening techniques, you've lost at least one customer – me.

While I await your decision to make leaner chickens, if anybody out there knows a vegetarian replacement for BBQ or hot chicken wings, please let me know.