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Sunday, June 23, 2013

SOLEIL Best Self Tanning Product I've Ever Used

Last year my youngest daughter introduced me to Lancome's SOLEIL, Expert Sun CareFlash Bronzer. The tanning salon she visited sold it. What I wanted to know was why, if she was getting such great results with this tanning product, did she even need to go tanning. 

She had lost a tube of SOLEIL (very expensive {$37}) and had to purchase another one. Then she found the tube she lost and she gave the older one to me. I applied it and within an hour I saw results. So I tried it the next day and the next. Though my skin doesn't tan well, even in the sun, people asked me if I'd been on vacation.

The expense of this product could be lower, but I guess that when you sell a product that works better than any comparable product and people see the results, SOLEIL can ask whatever price it wants. (If anybody from Lancome is reading this blog, please don't be so greedy – lower the price so everybody can use it.)

SOLEIL doesn't streak, dry out the skin, or turn the skin yellow. The Vitamin E in the product assures silky smooth skin. This year, my daughter hasn't had a minute to spend in a tanning bed. I'm grateful – not that she doesn't have a minute to relax, but that she can't find time to sit in a tanning bed – skin cancer runs on both sides of her family, so I'm glad she can achieve the same great tanning results with SOLEIL.

The product I used came with no SPF protection, so if your SOLEIL Flash Bronzer purchase comes with no sun protection, make sure to add sun protection. You might have to go to your nearest tanning salon to purchase the product or you can find it online. 


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