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Friday, April 8, 2011

The BEST FACE CREAM I've Found – Avon Anew

As someone who will be celebrating her 60th birthday this year, wrinkles are a big deal for me. Finding the right product to hide the wrinkles is an even bigger deal for me. And the cost – oh, the cost – the cost is a HUGE deal for me.

Unfortunately after trying Avon Anew, I have NEVER been able to find a product that comes close to hiding the wrinkles, as well, or even half as well, as Avon Anew. I will not mention the plethora of other products I used in an effort to save money, but I feel that I have to tell you what a dramatic difference it made, no matter what product I used, when I STOPPED using Avon Anew.

I HATE the ENORMOUS amount of money Avon charges for so little product. Their jars are deceitfully large, and what sits inside them is not nearly as much as what the size of the jar would lead you to believe it holds.

The sad truth is, though, Avon Anew actually works, and I find myself spending a month's worth of McDonald's dollar menu meals every time I run out.

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