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Monday, December 30, 2013

Drain Cleaner that REALLY WORKS!

When I moved into my manufactured home October, 2007, one bathroom sink was clogged. I tried various products to get it to unclog, but nothing seemed to work. After a while, I just gave up and used a different sink (that bathroom had two sinks). 

But when I bought a small set of drawers to set up in the bathroom, I needed to use the clogged sink, and I went in search of a powerful drain cleaner I hoped would finally work.

And I found it! Pro-Strength Liquid-Plumr Full Clog Destroyer! I followed directions exactly as they were written. Funny, I thought. The directions say to pour a full bottle down the drain s-l-o-w-l-y. How else would anything go down that drain? The only way down was slowly. So I stood there and allowed the bottle to empty very slowly anyway – I didn't want in any way to screw up the possibility that my sink wouldn't drain properly.

But then I discovered another problem when I read that after 15 minutes I had to flush the drain with warm water. How was that going to work? It takes nearly a full minute and sometimes longer for the water to become warm in that bathroom, because it is so far away from the water heater.

But – success! – I came up with a remedy. I set the timer for 14 minutes and ran hot water in the bath for that minute. I grabbed a bucket, filled it with hot water and tons of expectations, poured it down the sink 15 minutes after I had poured the Pro-Strength Liquid-Plumr Full Clog Destroyer, and THE CLOG WAS GONE!

Don't you just love when something actually works?

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