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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Auto Correct Mode Makes For Funny Smart Phones Text Messages

With all the complaints about how nobody understands us, nobody listens to us, nobody hears us, etc., FINALLY something comes along to really discombobulate us – text messaging with auto correct. If you've never experienced the fun of text messaging with auto-correct, or if you have, and you understand its humor aspect, continue reading.

I am not one who finds texting to be a pleasurable experience. Texting – for me – is frustrating! But I admit, it can also be VERY funny.

And even though most of the time, the message I try to convey is so far off from its original intent I don't know why I bother sending text messages in the first place, I continue to use the auto correct feature because of the sheer laughter I experience by using it.

Last week I received from my daughter an email filled with funny text messages.
As evidenced by the tumultuous laughter that ensued after reading the texts, I discovered I am not the only one who has a problem with texting. Here are some actual texts copied from Damn You Auto Correct Dot Com.

When you finish reading them, I encourage you to go directly to Damn You Auto Correct Dot Com to find more. I am wheezing from an asthma attack after reading them, and it was worth it!

What I have provided you is a tiny sample of what is available on Damn You Auto Correct Dot Com. Please visit them for hundreds more.

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