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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Shots on The History Channel Season Premier Tuesday, February 8th

In the early Nintendo years, Mario Brothers came packaged with Duck Hunt. I could have cared less about Mario, but I loved Duck Hunt. The only misery I felt was that every time the game loaded, it started from the beginning and I had to shoot the duck in what felt like slow motion for several hundred hours before the higher levels finally appeared.

OK, admittedly, I'm exaggerating. I (maybe) had to go through only about twenty levels to get to a level that required even a little skill. But I really enjoyed shooting games, and I was a fairly good marksman (markswoman).

Whenever a boyfriend took me to a carnival, in fact, I gravitated toward the arcade games where I could aim at moving targets.

Actually, the only time I faltered badly with a gun was when one boyfriend handed me a 57 magnum and asked me to point at a target located several hundred feet away. The gun shot backwards out of my hand, tore open the flesh on my hand, and ruined my eardrums for several days.

Shooting, though, for me, has always been fun.

When I was a kid staying with my grandmother, I sat on the back step with a huge washtub of water in front of me. As my grandmother hung laundry in the back yard, I lowered a squirt gun into the tub and filled it again and again with water.

I aimed at bugs crawling on glass blades, various pebbles, and greenery. I practiced and practiced for hours. Rarely did I miss my target.

Don't get me wrong – I'm not an advocate for guns, but I always let my kids play with squirt guns when they were little, my sisters and I played cops and robbers with the neighborhood kids when we were young, and nobody in our neighborhood went on a murderous rampage – ever.

Yes, times are very different now, and bullying needs to be addressed, but sadly, too many kids are solving minor problems with major and deadly NON-solutions, and too many kids are left without appropriate supervision.

That's material for another blog, though.

You've heard it said again and again – guns don't kill people – people kill people, and guns should be respected and understood for the harm they can inflict and for the deadly consequences that result from using them inappropriately.

Weapons are also used for sport, and one new television program has taken the skill of shooting a weapon to a whole different level.

Top Shot, which airs on the History channel, is a program that matches the greatest marksmen with other great marksmen who compete against each other "in historically inspired challenges for a chance to win the title of Top Shot." It works kind of like Survivor in that contestants must work through different challenges using a variety of weapons in a variety of circumstances.

As Top Shot explains on its web site, "It's not about the weapons – it's about skill."

16 new contestants (14 men and 2 women) compete this year to win History's title of Top Shot as they show their expertise with Tommy Guns, Tomahawks, Compound Bows, and other weaponry.

The show airs tonight, February 8th on the History Channel.

I've already chosen my "$100,000 Top Shot winner," but only because I know one of the contestants and I really really hope MY PICK wins.

For a sneak peak at tonight's show, visit this Top Shot Sneak Peak link.

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