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Friday, July 12, 2013

Refirm? Don't Bother!

Let me be upfront about something – and I realize I'm outing myself here – but I have a LOT of belly fat, so when I heard the commercial for Refirm, I thought to myself that if Refirm really works, as the "doctor" in the commercial claims it will, I owe it to myself to give Refirm a try.

First problem: Refirm is EXPENSIVE, but I'm worth it right? Yes – I am – IF REFIRM WORKED! It doesn't! 

Any time I see a product that claims it will get rid of belly fat and it comes with a plan that also includes a change in diet and an exercise program, I decide right then and there that the product probably DOES NOT WORK without the diet plan and the exercise program! Why not just institute the diet plan and exercise program WITHOUT the product?


Because if the product truly worked, it should stand alone as a working product. Refirm claimed that it had proven results. I'm generally not very trusting of commercials, but this one was convincing.

Secondly the commercial states something to the effect that if you lose more than 10 pounds in 10 days, Refirm implores you to go back to the store where you purchased it and readjust your plan. What a bunch of BS.

Yeah, that was the line that was supposed to cinch the deal. Wow! 10 pounds in 10 days! Sign me up, right? WRONG! I was already exercising and I was already following a healthy diet. I just wanted to get rid of my belly fat. I took the pills as I was supposed to and – guess what! I DIDN'T LOSE EVEN ONE POUND with Refirm.

To me, if a product truly works, it works. It doesn't require a special diet or a special exercise program. It works because it works. And in this case, Refirm does NOT work! I weigh exactly the same now as I did 6 weeks ago.

It probably would be better for me to start a new program – on my own, without Refirm. I have a plan and I'll let you know if it works. I'm waiting until the middle of August when I return home to the midwest. In the meantime don't waste your money on Refirm.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breast Cancer and the Genie Bra

In 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy and had both radiation and chemotherapy. What I haven't been able to do since that lumpectomy is wear a bra. Not that I mind, but some clothes require a bra and I couldn't wear one until ...

One day, my youngest daughter told me that her upscale consignment boutique had just gotten in some Genie bras and she thought that I might be able to wear them. I was suspicious. Every bra I'd ever tried on hurt, because my cancer was located just under my right breast at the point where an underwire would scrape and push on it. Imagine somebody placing a large hard rock just under the underwire on your bra and having to walk around with that huge lump ever present. What happened was that the surgery effectively replaced my 4-centimeter-wide lump with close to 6 centimeters of rock-hard scar tissue.

So when anybody suggested I try on anything that had elastic of any kind, I soon discovered that I couldn't wear it.

Until I tried on the Genie bra. For three and a half years I went without a bra, and still do for some summer clothes, but now I know I can wear those nearly-see-through tops again with my new Genie bras.

I'd like to thank the makers of Genie Bras for making a bra so comfortable that even breast cancer survivors with rock-hard scar tissue can wear them. I've included links to the Genie Bra for anyone looking for comfort after breast cancer surgery. Just click anywhere you find Genie. Of if an ad appears above this post, you can click that.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bling it On (Your Graphics)

Thanks to Linda Herder, I learned about a web site that brings a little bling to graphics and photos. Want your graphics to sparkle? Want to fix your photos? I don't need to write a long blog about it. All you have to do is check it out. Click FotoFlexer and sign up! 

NOTE: When you get to the part that says, "Save to my computer," nothing may show up, but when you look on your computer you'll find it, so Bling it On with FotoFlexer!

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