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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chiropractor In A Box – The BackBridge™

When I heard about the BackBridge™, I was skeptical. I’ve had back problems my entire life. Though my scoliosis is slight, the pain it causes is immense. If you shop with me, you might find me sitting on a bench or, in my earlier years, on the floor, or you might see me draped over my shopping cart. Long walks were out of the question.

In the early part of this century I began seeing a chiropractor, and the effects were immediately helpful, but chiropractors were so far out of my budget, I couldn’t afford to see them, so I suffered in silence. What DID help my back pain immensely was implementing advice I received from a friend who’d heard from her physical therapist, after she suffered an injury, that the reason she was experiencing back pain was because she didn’t bend her knees when she walked. When you walk without bending your knees, you put undue pressure on your lower back.

So, to remind myself to bend my knees, I walked around the house with an exaggerated bend for a while until I got used to walking with my knees bent. It helped! But the pain is always present. On days when I know I have to walk for extended periods of time, I also take three mild pain killers and three Bayer Back and Body pills. AND I use my Bed Buddy wrap every morning when possible. 

Still, my back needed more help than just bending my knees, taking pain meds, and using the Bed Buddy, so when I saw the BackBridge™, though it cost a lot of money, I decided that I had to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did. From the first time I tried it, I felt my spine “pop” into alignment, and when my two minutes were up, I felt relief – not complete relief, but some relief. I’ve been using the BackBridge™ once a day for over a month now and I am taking my pain meds less than I was before I started using it.

The BackBridge™ comes in levels. You are supposed to begin with Level #1 and work your way up to the other levels. I started with #2 because my back is also sway and I didn’t think I would even feel the effects of #1 alone. I am now on #3. I may never get past #3, because I’m waiting until I no longer experience pain when I get up from using it. Because my back is so filled with pain all the time, getting off the BackBridge™ is painful – for me – it might not be for you. I have to slowly lift my legs with knees bent, grasp my knees, and pull them toward me as I ease up.

Overall, I would recommend this product for anybody experiencing back pain, especially if going to the chiropractor is not within your budget. I can stand for longer periods of time without experiencing pain, and I’m still making sure my knees are bent when I walk!

UPDATE: June 21, 2015

I'm still using the BackBridge™ almost every day. I rarely take pain meds anymore unless I'm shopping and I know I'll be walking for extended periods of time. I've increased my time to 5 minutes a day and I'm still on #3.