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Monday, September 21, 2015

Just in Time for Halloween – Briana Dragon Creations

Looking for some Spooktacular gifts for your Halloween-loving friends? Briana Dragon Creations (also goes by the name Blue Dragon Creations) has just what you need. 

From serpents and snakes to skulls and vampires, you’ll find enough freaky finds to give all your ghoulfriends gifts that will please even the most blood-sucking vampire.

So check out Briana Dragon’s Zazzle store for your perfect Halloween gift.

Click on any of the graphics above, and you'll 
go directly to Briana Blair Creations.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

The first time I tasted a chocolate-covered frozen banana was when I visited Chicago's Navy Pier probably close to 35 years ago. A vendor was selling them and somebody suggested getting one. I don’t remember at all who was with me, but I do remember tasting what would become one of my favorite snacks – one that I couldn’t find ANYWHERE other than Navy Pier.

So imagine my surprise when, several years later, in the popsicle section of my local grocer, I discovered CHOCOLATE-COVERED FROZEN BANANAS! I bought them again and again and again. I mean, how can you go wrong with bananas – HEALTHY, because they’re fruit and healthy because they’re covered in dark chocolate?

And then they were gone! I searched EVERYWHERE for them. Every single store I looked through didn’t carry them – not Kroger, not Walmart, not Kmart, not Meijer, not Jewel, not anywhere.

And then they appeared again. I was ecstatic!

And then they were gone – again!

Several years passed and a couple of weeks ago, as I was shopping in Meijer, I complained to my youngest daughter that every time I looked for them, I could never find them, but just as I said the words, I noticed them on the shelf! Was I hallucinating? I almost kept walking. I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

Diana's Bananas banana babies

They’ve been at Meijer the past two times I shopped there, and I’ve purchased them both times I’ve shopped, because if past predicts future, at some point, they will disappear again, and I’m going to buy them whenever I see them!

If I gave ratings for the products I enjoy using or eating, this one would get 5 stars out of 5 stars.