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Monday, March 28, 2011

Toyota Prius Hybrid Provides the Best Gas Mileage

We all know that the cost of gas is OUTRAGEOUS! So what are we supposed to do – stay in our homes all day – every day?

While I drive back and forth from Urbana to Bourbonnais to care for my grandchildren every week, my son and his wife are absorbing the cost of gas three out of the four weeks I drive there (I didn't think it was fair to charge them for the fourth week since I drive there at least once a month anyway).

My old 2002 Saturn with its over 120,000 miles currently costs me about $25 a week to get back and forth. According to figures I got from the web site, the 2002 Saturn gets anywhere from 22 - 32 miles per gallon.

So I've been looking for a Toyota Prius, because, according to the same site, the Prius is the most fuel efficient car. The Toyota Prius hybrid would give me about 50 miles per gallon, and cost me nearly half of what I'm currently paying in gas.

But I can't afford to purchase a new Prius, and I need one that hasn't been recalled and doesn't carry any warnings.

Research time.

Research done. I found a site that tells me which vehicles (not just Toyota) have been recalled. Knowing I can rely on this source will prepare me for any questions I may have about my purchase. And I'll be able to ask if the recall issue has been resolved.

It appears that one problem the Toyota Prius has had is with tire selection and rims for cars sold between September 1, 2005 and June 2, 2008. And the site offers information on other recalls as well.

If you are curious about whether or not your car has been recalled, click HERE for car information, questions and answers, recalls, and reviews.

And for people like me who, after three years of living in the same home, still don't know where their local dealerships are, THIS SITE provide a button that says, "Find a Dealership Near You." Looks like I'll be shopping in Danville (the birth place of Dick Van Dyke).

I should probably go with the oldest Prius.  The earliest Toyota Prius I could find on this site was the 2001 model. Just for kicks I went on craigslist to find out if anybody was selling a Toyota Prius. I found three of them and they were all sold. Looks like everybody is thinking the same way I am – go hybrid!

Photo from Edmunds Toyota.

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