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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally! A Good Night's Sleep

Well, For Me Anyway

Don't you just hate hearing old people complain about all their aches and pains? Well, you're going to hate this blog.

Not really. At least I hope not. I'm not going to complain about my aches and pains, because I found a way to alleviate them – with the Simmons Beautyrest 19" Pilllowtop AIR Bed.

I had been sleeping on an old mattress, and every morning when I awoke, my hips hurt. I thought I was just getting old until I spent the night on a firmly blown air mattress.

So I threw out my old mattress (actually the kids use it to play on now), and plugged in my electric pump that came with my Simmons Beautyrest 19" Pilllowtop AIR Bed. Within minutes I had a COMFORTABLE bed that allows me to sleep for HOURS!

I still get up a lot at night, I will probably always get up a lot at night, but at least now my sleep is more restful and I don't wake up with all those previous aches and pains.

This bed is puncture proof, but I wouldn't test it by hammering nails into it. Also I top off mine with a pillow-top sheet cover and a foam cushion.

Why spend a thousand dollars for a bed that costs only $100?

The only downside about the Simmons Beautyrest 19" Pilllowtop AIR Bed is that I've noticed I have to put more air into it periodically. I never really know how much air it needs. It may be puncture proof, but I'll bet it can explode if you put too much air into it, so I'm cautious. Still I now look forward to sleeping on my Simmons Beautyrest 19" Pilllowtop AIR Bed.

I do have to climb up to get into it though, because I placed it on top of my box springs. When you look at the photo you'll realize what a task getting into bed has become, but it is SO WORTH IT!

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