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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bose Knows Music

Years and years and years ago my baby sister bought a Bose radio. She went on and on about how it was the BEST radio EVER and that it would last for years. I couldn't afford a Bose radio, so I purchased a cheap, tinny radio that sounded scratchy and irritating.

I then bought another one and another one and another one. All total, I could have purchased the Bose radio with all the money I spent on inferior radios and I would have been happy, because Kathy was right – the Bose sound was and still is superior to every radio I've ever heard. She still has her Bose and it still sounds spectacular.  I, on the other hand, listed to what can only be described as noise.

The Bose rates high in nearly every comparison review made. The superb quality of the Bose radio is not even close to any other radio I've listened to. So why don't I have a Bose? Because I STILL can't afford one.

However, with all of the money I hope to make from blogging, I am saving up for one, because some day – one day in the future – before I'm dead – I WILL OWN A BOSE!

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