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Monday, January 10, 2011

Grill Mates Montreal Chicken & Sweet Baby Ray's

Cooking is not one of my talents. Just ask any of my kids and grand kids.

One time I was making macaroni and cheese, which, as everybody knows, is a complicated process. As usually happens, I got distracted (sadly, a common occurrence), so when the time came to add the cheese to the macaroni, I did. You thought I was going to say I forgot the cheese, didn't you?

You would be wrong, because what I forgot to do was drain the water BEFORE I added the cheese. As you might expect, most of the cheese drained away with the water.

Everybody ate the slightly cheese-flavored macaroni and I thought I got away with my blunder until my granddaughter, Taylor, who was nine at the time, asked, "Grandma, the next time you make macaroni and cheese, would you mind adding some cheese to it?"

Another time, when I followed the recipe for making pizza, I tried to stretch the crust to reach the end of the pan, but I couldn't make the crust thin enough without creating lots of holes.

My pseudo pizza looked more like a lumpy cloud than it did a pizza. The kids were afraid to eat it. You would not believe how just the sight of an ugly pizza turns kids' stomachs into spasms of revulsion.

Apparently my cuisine skills are adversely affected by cheese.

Despite my lack of food skills, one dish I CAN make is chicken. I always have Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce available, but you can't eat BBQ sauce all the time, can you? I could really, but I love variety too.

Luckily either my son-in-law or my daughter-in-law (I can't remember which – they both have the spice) made chicken with Grill Mates Montreal Chicken. I fell in love after just one bite and decided to give it a try.

One word – YUM! I really can't say enough about this spice. If you want to add FLAVOR to your chicken, you have got to try Grill Mates Montreal Chicken. The only time I'm not eating chicken with this spice on it is when I'm eating chicken with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, which is, as everybody knows, one of the BEST barbecue sauces around!

Trust me, chicken with Grill Mates Montreal Chicken is worth trying. And if you haven't tried Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, you're missing something sweet!
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