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Thursday, January 27, 2011

RAPID WEIGHT LOSS in only 17 DAYS with the 17 Day Diet Plan

I can already hear you saying, a 17 day diet plan that provides healthy AND rapid weight loss? Are you serious? Yes, I am serious. I have never read or heard more dieting success stories than I have from people who have used Dr. Mike Moreno's 17 Day Diet Plan. Though nobody would call me fat, I have always had to watch what I eat.

My early life was consumed with what I could and couldn't eat due to food allergies. I could not eat eggs or anything that included eggs, like cakes, ice creams, cookies, etc. I was also allergic to yeast, which ruled out breads. Looking back, I think it's no wonder I never gained any weight.

Still, whether one is skinny or fat, diet is important, and The 17 Day Diet Plan sounds like something that would work for anybody interested in healthy living.

The problem with diets is that so many people confuse diet with starvation and sacrifice. Yes, not eating anything with eggs or yeast was a sacrifice for me, but it also contributed to my low weight (though I probably appeared to be anorexic to others).

Starvation is NOT, and never has been, the answer. And sacrifice? If sacrifice comes with the promise of good health, it's not really a sacrifice at all, is it?

Now, because I have cancer, I am even more concerned with diet and, because of a bad back, I am equally concerned with exercise that will contribute to my overall health rather than hurt me.

What I heard from the Dr. Phil show today (which discussed The 17 Day Diet Plan) – and something I had forgotten about – was that the body NEEDS hydration, LOTS of hydration.

Thirst not only indicates that your body needs fluids, but also signals that your body is already dehydrated, so drinking plenty of GOOD fluids (not sodas) will help you distribute nutrients throughout your body and it will help lessen the number of headaches and body aches you might feel. As Dr. Mike Moreno discussed, other medical issues could be related to dehydration as well. So hydration appears to be a huge component in maintaining good health.

Though I probably don't appear to anybody who knows me as needing this product, because I'm not overweight, I will probably get The 17 Day Diet Plan anyway, because anything that contributes to RAPID weight loss (for me that means getting rid of a flabby stomach) and good health that can be accomplished in only 17 days appeals to me on many levels, especially my sense of urgency.

Like a lot of people, I want results NOW. And even though I'm not overweight, I hate having to hide my massive flabby stomach beneath HUGE tops. I'm looking forward to receiving The 17 Day Diet Plan. People who use it are excited about their rapid weight loss and claim to feel more energetic after using The 17 Day Diet Plan.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting for my 17 Day Diet Plan to arrive, I'm going to exercise more (without straining my back), drink lots and lots of water, and eat HEALTHY foods with lots of veggies.

Let's get healthy! (Any of the links will take you to the book.)

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