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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey! BEATLES Fans! BEST Beatles Radio Station Ever!


I LOVE listening to music. It inspires me, motivates me, and relaxes me. But of all the music I love listening to, the music I most enjoy hearing is The Beatles. Maybe because my first record (a 45) was I Want To Hold Your Hand and my first album was Introducing the Beatles, I feel nostalgic when I listen to them. Whatever the case, The Beatles have been entertaining me AND generations of others since the early 1960s.

Every town I have visited over the years and every place I've ever lived, finds me on Sunday mornings scanning radio stations to find Beatles songs. For some reason, many stations carve out Sunday mornings as Beatles music time.

Over the years and all across the country, I've heard lots of radio personalities play Beatles music. While I enjoy listening to the Beatles no matter where I hear them, nowhere have I found a better place to listen to my favorite Beatles songs or learn fascinating details about the Beatles – information I never heard anywhere else before – than the Magical Mystery Tour, hosted by James D. Jones.

When I first heard "Beatle James," I was living in Bourbonnais, Illinois, not far from where his Beatles Magical Mystery show aired. I was a faithful fan, tuning into his Beatles show every Sunday morning, whether I was at home or traveling.

Everything was fine until I got out of range, so imagine my disappointment  when I moved away from Bourbonnais and discovered I was too far away to listen to my favorite Beatles guide or to listen to the Beatles.

Yes, I know – I have CDs and the memory of actually seeing them in person (read about that Beatles experience HERE), but listening to the Beatles somehow soothes and inspires me. So, when I couldn't find The Beatles on the radio, I pulled out my Beatles CDs.

But then, through the miraculous connections made through the Internet, I found James Jones and his Beatles Magical Mystery Tour online! Click HERE for the link. Just select the Kat 105.5 station and LISTEN every Sunday morning from 9am-11am Central (10am-12pm Eastern).

If you are a true Beatles fan, you'll genuinely appreciate the link. James is a friend of George Harrison's sister, Louise, and has had her on his program. He offers Beatles information you can find nowhere else.

Remember, tune into "Everybody's Favorite Tour Guide," James Jones as he takes you on the Magical Mystery Tour through the Beatles Years and Beyond every Sunday morning. You'll love listening to the Beatles on the James Jones Magical Mystery Tour, and you'll thank me for introducing you to the magic!

UPDATE JULY 12, 2013:

NOW ONLINE @ The Beatle Years and Beyond New post located in the post, The Beatles and The Magical Mystery Tour.

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  1. Theresa, I'm with you! James D. Jones is the ABSOLUTE BEST out there. His show is live, which is very unusual these days. He interacts with his audience on Facebook and has a personality you can't beat. For every Beatles fan this show is a MUST!

  2. As a longtime fan of the Magical Mystery Tour, I have to AGREE with everything that was said here. ;-) Beatle James is the best host and has THE BEST Beatles show ever aired and it is LIVE! ;-) I have found true friends and fans through the show and Beatle James during his transaction with fans. This show is a must for any Beatles fan.

  3. I'm a new listener and I have to say that I got hooked right away. James D. Jones makes his show very special, he plays great Beatles music including songs I had never heard before and you can tell that he is into his listeners. I can't think of a better way to start my Sunday than to wake up, grab my coffee and listen to The Magical Mystery Tour

  4. I also am a new listener. I live on the east coast and had never heard of James and his "MMT" (my loss through all these years). Through the internet I learned of the show and now my Sunday morning has a permanent time-out for 2 hours of Beatle music, fun and information. Yes it IS live, and very personal!
    When it comes to the Beatles solo years James plays the favorites and those that deserve much more airplay than they usually get elsewhere.
    "A splendid time is guaranteed for all" when listening to 'The Magical Mystery Tour!'

  5. I'm also a new listener, but I had an absolutely great time last Sunday. I'm sure I'll be back. James is a wonderful radio wizard. I do lots of radio work and love doing it and listening to it.
    James really knows how to make his show very enjoyable and the music he puts is totally fab!

  6. This link is currently not working. Will let you know when it works again. Producers are working on the problem.