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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MacBook Pro User Says iWant iPad

I have been a Mac lover ever since I worked on a 40 MB hard drive back in the early 90s. I now own a MacBook Pro and I love it.

HOWEVER (always a however), when I am home working on my MacBook Pro and my Internet goes out (which happens CONSTANTLY), I am left without the ability to connect to the Internet.

As my potential income will undoubtedly some day come from writing and posting articles and blogs online, having no Internet means having no connection.

And without an Internet connection this blogger feels STRESSED, because I CANNOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET (are you LISTENING, Comcast!) - I really do love my MacBook Pro...but I have been salivating over the thought of getting SOMETHING that would connect me to the Internet – something that's just a tiny bit bigger than my iPhone when my Internet is not working properly.

...And then, what to my wondering eyes does appear but a miniature pad with 3G and gear! Apps for EVERYTHING I need, crystal clear images, 3G ability to connect anywhere my phone connects – everything I need to run a successful writing business.

I've even wondered if Apple would GIVE me an iPad if I promised to paint one on my car and drive across the country advertising the product. Really, though, does iPad need any more advertising than it already has? Probably not.

With an iPad I can work everywhere my iPhone works. And my iPhone works everywhere I've ever been. I won't have to worry about losing the Internet. I'll be able to hold my iPad in my hand and carry it with me wherever I go.

So – bottom line – I must save up for an iPad – with wifi – and with 3G. After all, it will pay for itself within the year after I get rid of the Internet company that REPEATEDLY has been failing me since October of 2007!

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