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Friday, August 9, 2013

Tangle Teezer Brush Really Works!

When I first saw the commercial for the Tangle Teezer, I thought, "That will never work on MY hair!" My whole life, my hair has been wiry. Getting the snarls out of my hair got even worse after I got cancer – I lost all my hair and when it grew back in, it was even more wiry and suddenly curly as well.

I dreaded shower time, because my pre-shower ritual consisted of brushing my hair until all the snarls came out, a job that took for EVER, because brushing hurt, and I had to pull the brush through my hair very slowly! So the commercial intrigued me and I thought that if the Tangle Teezer worked on me, it would work on anybody. 

One of my granddaughters (8), whose hair is about 2 feet long, HATES having her hair brushed. She hangs on to her head and winces, complaining the whole time that it hurts, so when I got the Tangle Teezer, I tried it on her first. The Tangle Teezer didn't hurt her at all! Seems promising, I thought. I couldn't wait to try it on my own hair.

That night before I showered, I tried the Tangle Teezer. I should tell you first about how I tested this product. I was in North Carolina visiting my son for the past month and a half when I saw the ad for the Tangle Teezer. On the day I ordered it, I vowed to shower without brushing my hair for the entire week and a half that it took for me to get home, where my Tangle Teezer would be waiting for me. I wanted to give this brush a true test of its worth.

Guess what! After a week and a half of not brushing my hair AT ALL and trying this brush for the first time, I discovered that this brush is PHENOMENAL! I will NEVER use another brush. After a week and a half of not brushing my wiry cancer hair, I ran this brush through my hair and watched it glide from top to bottom effortlessly! With each stroke I became more and more amazed. It worked, it didn't hurt, AND it got the snarls out.

If I gave stars, and 5 was the most I gave, I would add another 20 for this product. I don't know HOW the Tangle Teezer works, I can't figure out WHY the Tangle Teezer works, but I can tell you THAT it works – absolutely! 

The ads for this product are completely truthful. I sincerely do not understand why this brush is so different from all the other brushes. It makes no sense to me that anything could take out tangles pain-free, especially after a week and a half of no brushing, but the Tangle Teezer lives up to its promise and I have become a forever fan!

You can purchase Tangle Teezer from any Sally Beauty Supply shop or go online (where I purchased mine) at The brush is expensive but SO WORTH IT!

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