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Monday, January 7, 2013

BIOSILK's Silky Shiny Gleaming Products Get Rid of Cancer Hair

During chemotherapy, all of my hair fell out. What grew back in looked like barn straw. The texture was brittle – not at all silky or shiny. It didn't even feel like hair. What happened to my gleaming flaxen waxen (from the song HAIR) hair? 

It became bird nest material – curly bird nest material.

And then I remembered a product I used prior to getting cancer, and I wondered if it might turn straw into gold. It did!

Though BIOSILK offers numerous hair products, the two I used after my hair grew back – and the products I still use – are their mousse and their silk therapy serum. 

When my hair is wet, I blend in some BIOSILK Mousse, scrunch my new curls (I never had curls until after chemo) and, after my hair dries, I add the BIOSILK Serum (remember to always shake the bottle – and don't use too much). 

Even though BIOSILK is expensive (for me), the fact that I don't have to use much of the product to get the desired effect is a great benefit. 

BIOSILK serum is an amazing product for cancer hair because it's light and brings hair back to its original (or possibly better) silky feel. And their mousse keeps hair shaped.

When I step out into the sun, I've got that gleamin' flaxen waxen hair I always dreamed of having. For those of us with cancer hair, BIOSILK is a godsend! 

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