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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Video Chat with a Celebrity!

Thirty years ago, if a fan wanted to reach a celebrity, she had to write a letter. Fifteen years ago, fans could reach their idols through email. Today fans can reach celebrities through video!

How? By signing up with Celebstir! Celebstir is a new social networking site that gives its members the opportunity to interact with celebrities through live video chats, but it also gives members a chance to become celebrities themselves. According to the Celebstir site, "Celebstir is a website that gives its members a platform for promoting themselves." 

Make professional connections with rising talent by joining Celebstir, where you can follow celebrities, contact celebrities, or even become a celebrity yourself and interact with your peers. Are you a musician, an athlete, an actor, or an artist? By showcasing your talents and abilities, you gain not only exposure, but also the ability to influence others. Why not give Celebstir an opportunity to promote YOU! 

Join Celebstir now if you want to interact with Olympic Gold medalist, Conor Dwyer, on October 10, 2012. If you miss that date, you'll have other opportunities to interact with celebrities from a variety of genres – with your own web cam – whether you're a fan of sports, screen, stage, music, or art. 

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