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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I Cut a Cold Down to 3 Days!

As an asthmatic, I am particularly sensitive to colds. Once they run from my head to my chest, I'm in trouble. When I discovered a method that helped prevent my colds from becoming asthma attacks, I wanted to share that information with other asthmatics, so I wrote an exhaustive article that explained How to Prevent Colds from Becoming Asthma Attacks (click the link to read).

Recently, however, when I came down with yet another cold, rather than bring out my usual arsenal of weaponry (as discussed in the article), I decided to experiment. And the experiment worked!

In the article linked above I list two items that I used only occasionally to help prevent my colds from worsening. This time I wondered how using only those two items might work.

Every morning and every night, when I discovered I had a cold, I used the Neti Pot and took a Mucinex tablet. I find the Neti Pot disgusting to use, by the way, but by following this method, my cold, which generally lasts a week to ten days and often attacks my lungs, disappeared by the third day – and it never made its way into my lungs! Had I found the cure for the common cold?

(This ad shows what a Neti Pot looks like):

Of course not, but I did discover a way to lessen the number of days I suffered from a cold. And I successfully prevented the cold from damaging my lungs. Maybe it will help you too.

Use of the Neti Pot requires you to mix lukewarm water with a saline solution and fill the pot to a certain point (Neti Pot instructions will clarify). You must clear your nose before using it, then tilt your head over the sink while you gently pour the mixture into one of your nostrils. Switch nostrils. You might have to interrupt the procedure to clear your nose. At least three times, I had to set the pot down and grab some tissues, but by the third day, my cold was gone. I continued to use the Neti Pot for an additional three days though (just in case the cold returned). 

(Mucinex is for adults and children): 

Yes, I rested, and I drank plenty of fluids. But I was determined to follow this practice, reasoning that by clearing the nose of germs, I was creating an inhospitable environment for germ reproduction. Perhaps I was right in my thinking, because after only 3 days, I was cold-free.

The Neti Pot, combined with Mucinex, cut my cold down to only 3 days. Try it and see if it works for you.

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