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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Style My House is Offering $10,000 to Remodel Your Home!

I love walking through homes that are beautifully decorated and that have everything in place. My talents are not in the decorating or remodeling field. Perhaps because all of my stuff is cramped mostly into my bedroom, I have no space to decorate. But my daughter, her husband, and their children will soon be moving out and while I have the house up for sale, I'm also contemplating getting a roommate.

Having had horrible experiences with roommates in the past, I'm a little afraid of what's out there, but I love my home and would really like to keep it. The other day I came up with an idea that might work. My bedroom and my family room share a wall. The family room is sunk-in and is just off the dining area which is just off the kitchen. I love the openness, but I love my privacy more.

So I came up with an idea for putting a wall between the dining area and the family room. That way my bedroom and my family room would be mine and mine alone. When I came across Style My House (see link next to this blog), and saw that StyleMyHouse was offering a $10,000 remodeling contest, I signed up.

That wall would change the entire look of my home, but with a gifted contractor, my home will look even better than it did before. I'll have my own little portion of the house and any roommates I get will have theirs. If you would like to enter the StyleMyHouse $10,000 contest, click the link next to this blog. I wish you luck, but I have to tell you – I'm looking forward to winning ;)

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