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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do NOT Purchase an Electrolux Vacuum – a Review

It might have been about 30 years ago that my sister bought an Electrolux vacuum. She swore by it and probably could have sold hundreds of them, so convinced was she of their worth. Not only was the Electrolux a powerful vacuum – it also came with a lifetime warranty.

Though it would have helped my allergies considerably to have had an Electrolux, I decided I couldn't afford to spend that much money on a vacuum.

30 years of going through various vacuums approximately every three to four years, I remembered my sister's admiration of the Electrolux, so I spent several hundred dollars on one and brought it home. Two years later it broke, but because my daughter and her family moved in with me and we used their vacuum after mine broke, I didn't worry about getting it fixed until they decided to move out. The Electrolux had a lifetime warranty after all.

HA! A few weeks ago when I had pneumonia, I drove past the Electrolux store and brought in my vacuum to get fixed. Still not worried about getting it back because my daughter was still living with me, Electrolux called me yesterday to tell me that the Electrolux now has only a 2 year warranty AND – AND – they no longer manufacture the original Electrolux.


Well, of course they don't! Why would ANYBODY who wasn't interested in a profit EVER create a product that worked for a lifetime? How can the poor people at Electrolux make a profit if nobody EVER needs repairs?

So on my TISH (misspelled on purpose) List, Electrolux sits at about number 1 right now. SHAME ON YOU, ELECTROLUX, for making an inferior product and for not making the original EXCELLENT product WHICH MY SISTER STILL HAS – AND IT STILL WORKS GREAT, by the way. SHAME ON YOU!

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